Pictionary Man Double Draw

Pictionary Man just doubled the fun! This version of the beloved Pictionary game includes game pieces and ways to play. Split into two teams—each team gets its own Pictionary Man to draw on and two game versions. In All Play, both teams share the same clue. In Pictionary Pairs, each team draws one part of a paired clue (Bride & Groom, Cops & Robbers). Winning team guesses the entire phrase! First team to win three of each type of card (All Play and Pictionary Pairs) wins the game. Comes with two Pictionary men, two shapes (box, ball), four paddles to draw on, 150 clue cards, timer, markers, and more. Ages 8 and older. You don’t have to be an artist—Pictionary is a blast for everyone!

Pictionary Man Doble Reto
Thumbnail Pictionary Man Double Draw