Crossed Signals™


You and your kids can enjoy the Crossed Signals electronic game where players read the lights right or get mixed up! Players choose one of 4 different games on the unit to play solo or with friends. Utilizing light and voice commands, the Crossed Signals game will get players on their feet to challenge speed and accuracy – including a dueling showdown where 2 players each take a stick! The player with the highest score wins! UP to 4 players can enjoy this frenzied game of lights and action! Crossed Signals brings active indoor and outdoor fun to any party or family night!


Helpful Hints

Why am I getting an error when I moved in the right direction?

Take a look at how you are holding the sticks. The game works best when they are held completely vertical.

Why isn't the next command coming? The game isn't over.

The commands won't continue until you stop moving the sticks, so you don't accidentally lose a point. 

The game keeps turning off.

You most likely need to replace the batteries. When the game is low on battery, it will automatically go into sleep mode. 

The volume is too low.

You can adjust the volume after selecting your game by moving the right stick up for higher volume and down for lower volume. 

I misplaced my rules. Where can I print a new copy?