No Thumbs Challenge


No Thumbs Challenge

Have you ever felt that you were “all thumbs”? Well what about “No Thumbs”?! No Thumbs Challenge is the hilarious game that calls for fast-moving teamwork creative thinking and maximum dexterity as you and your team members try to execute simple tasks without the use of your thumbs! Using thumb straps, players “attach” their thumbs to their palms and then try to perform tasks like opening a water bottle, applying lip balm, or tying a tie. You still have 4 fingers, so this should be easy, right? Just wait. Divide into two teams and get ready to see who can do the most with the digits they have left. You’ll need a few household items to complete some challenges, and the game includes some colorful plastic thumbs just for laughs. Game includes 112 tasks on 56 Challenge cards, but you also have the option to create challenges of your own. Can you tie a shoe or peel a banana without using your thumbs? With this delightful game, you’ll find out! Colors and decorations may vary.


No Thumbs - How To Wear Thumb Straps

  1. Locate the “L” for left hand and “R” for right hand engraved on the back of the strap
  2. Locate thumb pocket on thumb strap and slide thumb in
  3. Bend thumb across palm
  4. Adjust the strap to fit snugly on hand

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Product Details
  • Age: 13+
  • 2-8 Players
  • Includes: 8 Thumb Straps, 56 Challenge Cards (112 Challenges)